Legislative, Transactional, and Decision or Judicial Writing

Legislative Drafting

To propose, draft, and advocate remedial legislation require special skills. We train lawyers in this subject, so that they can prepare persuasive proposals for pertinent law review, draft the bills to achieve set goals, and argue the case before relevant committees of the legislature. The Write House also offers training in preparing drafting instructions. This enables directors to give clear written instructions to drafters on the background, goals, and ambit of proposed legislation. Written drafting instructions are vital in the legislative drafting process, but are often neglected or not given sufficient attention. Drafting instructions are the drafter’s terms of reference. Law is not made for lawyers alone, but for the general public. The average citizen should be able to understand legislation. We guide drafters in the use of plain English in legislative drafting, following international best practices in the common-law world.

Transactional Drafting

Lawyers need to upgrade their skills in drafting, perusing, scrutinising, and reviewing agreements, leases, memoranda of understanding, treaties, and other transactional documents. We coach and mentor lawyers and law students in these skills.

Decision or Judicial Writing

Judges and arbitrators need continuing professional development in writing awards, decisions, judgments, orders, and rulings. Keen judicial-writing skills will help them write clear, comprehensible decisions. Decision-writing training engenders depth of thought in decision making. We provide the requisite training. We supply fresh insights in preparing sparkling judicial opinions.

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