What We Do

We specialise in training lawyers in legal research and writing. This covers researching, preparing, and editing of:-

Academic or Scholarly Writing

Law lecturers must publish or perish. All lawyers should be involved in some amount of legal scholarship, and should be keen to get published in learned journals. We help lawyers and legal scholars enhance their academic writing credentials.

Briefs and other Court Documents

We train lawyers to improve the accuracy, content, efficiency, and quality of documents they file in court, including affidavits, appeals, applications, briefs of argument, and pleadings. This enhances the persuasive value of their documents. Your brief-writing skills will be greatly enhanced by our coaching.

Letters and Memos

We coach and mentor lawyers on researching and writing:

• client care letters; reporting letters to clients;

• advisory opinions to clients, supervising partners, or departmental heads; and

• professional emails, letters, and memoranda.

Legislative,  Transactional,  and Decision or Judicial Writing

Click here to find out about our legislative, transactional, and decision or judicial writing training.

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