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One of our public intensive legal writing workshops in session
One of our public intensive legal writing workshops in session

“There is no better predictor of likely success in law than writing.” – Chinua Asuzu, Dean, The Write House

Writing well is the most vital yet the rarest skill in law. Good writing boosts your ethos and sets you apart as an exceptionally sound professional. You can significantly upgrade your writing skills by attending our legal-writing workshops.

We conduct both public intensive workshops and private in-house workshops on legal writing.

Target Participants

• Advocates
• Court and Tribunal Clerks, Registrars, Deputy Registrars, and Officials
• Customs & Excise Lawyers
• Espionage Lawyers
• General Counsel and Heads of Legal Departments
• In-House Counsel
• Institutes of Advanced Legal Studies
• Intelligence & Security Lawyers
• Legislative aides, drafters, and staff
• Judges and Justices
• Judicial Assistants and Clerks
• Judicial Correspondents and Editors, and Legal Journalists
• Judicial Institutes
• Justice Ministry legal staff
• Law Officers and lawyers in ministries, departments, and agencies
• Law Reporters
• Law Schools
• Law Teachers
• Legal personnel in banks, corporations, debt recovery agencies, and oil companies
• Legal personnel in intelligence, law enforcement, prosecutorial, security, and tax enforcement agencies
• Legal Practitioners
• Legislative Drafters
• Legislative Houses
• Legislative Studies Institutes
• Magistrates
• Military Lawyers
• Paralegals
• Prosecutors
• Solicitors
• State Counsel

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