Introducing TOLES

TOLES means ‘Test of Legal English Skills’.

The TOLES program is a well-structured set of courses on legal English. The training involves a 3-tier set of professional exams, Foundation, Higher, and Advanced.

For every level a candidate completes, he or she is taking a step towards attaining the global standard of legal English. Employers such as international commercial law firms, public and private companies, and government will increasingly require this standard.

TOLES legal-English training materials and exams have been developed to meet international best practices in legal-English communication and writing.

Because TOLES is a member of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales, it is excellently positioned to cater for the needs of international legal professionals.

Global Legal English is the international organization behind TOLES. The Write House is TOLES’s accredited representative in Nigeria. As a TOLES centre, we prepare candidates for TOLES. We administer and invigilate TOLES in Nigeria.

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