Coaching & Mentoring

Training and retraining your team in clear legal writing is the surest way to keep them up to date with global best practices.

Continuing Professional Development

Legal-writing consulting and training are our contributions to continuing professional development among lawyers and nonlawyers.


We prepare, edit, and review books and articles, briefs and litigation documents,  transactional documents, judicial drafts, and legislation and legislative bills.


We have trained delegates from some of Nigeria’s leading corporate bodies, law firms, and public agencies. Our Alumni keeps growing.


Legal Analysis, Report, Research, and Writing, 24–27 March; 3–5 April 2020, Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos

Legal analysis and writing form the core of the tasks performed by Judges, Tribunal Members, Judicial Assistants, Cour and Tribunal Registrars and Clerks, Law Reporters, and Lawyers generally, hence the need to update and upgrade skills in these and related areas.

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The Write House in Numbers

Since 2012, we have been a polishing school for lawyers, law students, judges, and other members of the legal community. Beyond the numbers, be part of our vision to be at the forefront of a client-centred and service-oriented legal community through clarity in communication and writing. 

The Write House is the acknowledged authority in Africa on legal-writing curriculum and pedagogy.
Past participants at our legal-writing training programs have been scoring The Write House an average of 90% in every workshop we organize.
Trained delegates from 144 organizations including law firms, companies, courts, and public agencies in Nigeria
We are enhancing the careers of over 260 members of our growing alumni community and providing free classes to over 1000 lawyers and nonlawyers in our online Legal Writing Classrooms.